This shall be my first entry. First things first, how about a little introduction?
Ahem. My name is Krissy. I am a born-and-raised Georgian, living in a speck-on-the-map (wait, are we even on the map?) town of Arabi, Georgia with my fiance' and love of my life for almost 5 years, Jay. I am a stay-at-home mumsie to my lil' LeesieBug - Annelise Madison - and my fuzzy-boy Charlie the mini-schnauzer.

We've also got a bun a-cookin' in the oven, The Bean. And he/or she is due to make their grand debut in early August. As I write this, I'm actually exactly 27 weeks, 5 days pregnant. No, this isn't meant to be a pregnancy blog. This is just a place to compile my thoughts, alleviate boredom while Leesie naps, and jot down little tidbits of my life. BUT, considering pregnancy happens to be a big part of my life at the moment, I imagine there will be alot of pregnancy hooplah for a while. Apologies ;)

 In my spare time, I tend to be attached to my laptop: shopping (I'm an eBay/Amazon addict by the way), Facebooking (is that an actual verb?), stalking pregnancy message boards - TheBump is a favorite, fiddling with my photos, or playing Sims. I suppose I could also be called a bookworm, shutterbug, tech-junkie, movie buff and now - blogger.

Yeah, but the name Zodapop? For a blog? Yes. Why? Why not? Perhaps it stems from my love of soda. Perhaps not. It's just a goofy name that stuck. No metaphoric secret meanings behind this one. Sorry folks.

I suppose that's a good enough starter post as any no? Fabulous.



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