Nesting is making me insane

I'm going through some sort of insane cloth-diapering obsession with this pregnancy. I have spent hours googling different covers, fits, prefolds, washing techniques, folds, and what systems other people have found to work. I think it stems from nesting instincts taking over (also judging from the fact my house stays spotless lately). I NEED everything to be ready and situated for this baby. We had a financial catastrophe when Jay lost his job last year which made diapering Annelise almost impossible. We were literally scrounging for change to buy her the cheapest store brand sposies. It was horrible and I don't want to go through that ever again.

I also am in total love with the idea that for under $150, I can diaper my baby for 5-6 months (then we'll need the next size covers) - compared to spending $500+ on disposables. And that's just for 5 months worth of sposies. I figure we've probably spent upwards of $1000 on Annelise's diapers to date and she's been wearing  Walmart's Parents Choice brand since she was about 2 1/2 months old (switched from Huggies when her sensitive newborn skin toughened up). I can imagine we would have spent a great deal more if we'd used a name brand diaper.

I like the idea of the convenience of the AIOs and pockets, but I've decided on prefolds for my starter stash since they seem to work from birth and they're cheaper. Maybe when The Bean outgrows stash #1, we'll think about pockets (I'm liking Alvababy and Sunbaby's cheaper options).

Stash #1 Plans:

All on Amazon because I love Super Saver Shipping and free returns ;P

5 Thirsties Duo Wraps in size 1 - Decided on these as our cover of choice since it seems to fit nicely from birth to about 15-18lbs. I wanted to skip the whole "newborn cover stash" thing, as it seems silly to me to spend about $10 each on NB covers when The Bean will only be able to wear them for a few weeks. These are one of the only covers I've seen so far that fit newborns, but are adjustable to fit longer than 2 months.
Annelise was by no means a tiny baby (born 7.4lbs and chunky - stayed chunky) and she had still not hit 17lbs at 5 months. So these should work for a good long while. The adorable prints (owls? yes please) and customer reviews raving about the softness and quality of these covers didn't hurt either.
Spending $64 for 5

24 Osocozy Chinese Prefolds in size Reg. 2x5x2 - Skipping the infant size on these due to this review saying they got snug after 8lbs. The price on these is nice - $23/dozen and since they're supposed to be a good fit up to 30lbs, I shouldn't need to buy a new size when The Bean grows. I'll do some extra folding if need be for the newborn stage and use doublers or something if we need more absorbancy later on.
Even though I've read 24 is a good starting stash, I'm also adding an extra 6pk to give me 30 just in case. The prefolds in the 6pk actually run a little smaller (6-15lbs) so those will help out in the first few weeks. I also already have about 6 of Carter's Child of Mine one-size prefolds in Annelise's closet I used for burp/nursing cloths with her so I can use those if push comes to shove.
Spending $58.00 for 30

Snappis! - Because the idea of using pins to fasten prefolds at 3 a.m. scares the shyte outta me. Plus when my mom was showing me how to fold a cloth diaper onto a teddy bear the other day, she stabbed the crap outta herself, leaving a blood stain on the diaper... Pass on that, thanks. I also like that these are supposed to stretch out to fit an 18 month old (though I'm sure I will have lost all 3 by that time). And if you need one more reason, they're nifty.
I know that the Thirsties covers make it so you don't actually have to fasten the diaper, but it just seems like a better idea to me. I've heard that it's best to snappie a newborn diaper anyway because breastfed poops tend to try to escape.
Spending $8 for 3

Dappi Waterproof Diaper Pants in size Newborn - Old school. I don't actually NEED these, but the price mostly swayed me. 3 covers for $4. Reviews say they're pretty soft but don't last all that long, but I don't really need them to. I'm thinking these would be nice as backup covers (in case my foggy sleep-deprived brain ends up not washing the Thirsties in time for a change). Also I can put these on OVER the Thirsties for night-time or when we go out and can't change as frequently.
The awesome website Green Mountain Diapers (where I did a good bit of my CDing research) made me decide a pack of these (I may end up actually getting a few packs) would be nice with this page. They're actually selling the Bummis Pants, but I found the Dappis on Amazon for cheaper.
Spending $4 for 3

That brings me to a grand total of $134 - free shipping! Now please excuse me while I high-five myself.

Before I move on, I'd like to share a couple of links that really helped to un-boggle my mind when it came to researching cloth diapering.
Green Mountain Diapers - They sell everything - and stand behind everything they sell, showing you how it all works. They have so many helpful photos and comparisons it's ridiculous.
 Karen's Cloth Diapering Site - So much information. I love her folding tutorials.


 Mmkay. So in other news, my 28 weeks ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00. We'll get to see how The Bean is doing and looking now (it's been a long time since our last US at 14 weeks). I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they'll be able to tell me if I'm having a Bean or Beannette. If so, The Bean will become either Baby August (boy) or Baby Madalyn (girl). I remember at Annelise's 2nd ultrasound, they still couldn't determine her gender. We didn't find out until our 4D ultrasound.

We shall see :)


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