Playing Dolls

My grandmother went through her attic a few days ago and found my Barbie doll collection from when I was a little girl. It was so odd to see my toys again after over 15 years. It really warmed my heart though when I started unboxing the dolls I'd loved so much and little Annelise ran up grinning from ear to ear. She was so excited! She's only 19 months, so I made sure all the dolls' parts couldn't be removed or anything and picked about 4 or 5 out for her to keep out. The rest will go back in boxes until she's old enough to play with them.

On another personal side note, I spent all afternoon going through my cabinets, trying to save food from the ant infestation that started last week... Fun. I had to throw out 2 boxes of cereal. Until I can get some kind of plastic storage bins or something, I'm having to keep our cereals and snack foods in the fridge. We had ants bad last year too, but it was way later on in the summer.


And you know I can't publish and entry without talking about cloth diapers.
I was talking to my mom this afternoon about the stash I'd picked out for The Bean, and it turns out she's been doing some fluff research of her own. She found some OS Pockets on eBay for super cheap called BabyCity or Babyland (I can't remember which - I think they're 2 different brands that are basically the same). She bought one diaper w/insert so I will be able to see if it's something I'm interested in buying more of. The diaper was like $4.50 I think?

I did some searching for reviews on BabyCity diapers and it goes both ways - some people love them and have made up entire stashes of just these, while other people say don't waste your money. I watched some video reviews on Youtube and it doesn't seem like they'll fit a newborn or smaller baby. I'm going to see when it gets here I suppose. I plan on playing with it some and trying it out on Leesie to see how it holds up. I'll let you know what I think.

My mom talking about pockets got me rethinking my stash ideas (again..). I keep flip-flopping between pockets and prefolds/covers, but now I'm leaning back towards pockets. I went back to Sunbaby today and decided maybe some more video reviews would help. Sunbaby has REALLY good reviews... even for smaller babies. And alot of women say they have used them on newborns all the way up to toddlerhood! I found THIS THREAD after some extensive googling and the 3.0 version fit a 9lb babe pretty good. The 4.0s are supposed to fit a newborn even better. The stash I had picked would only work till about 5-6 months, but if I could get some extra inserts, it looks like Sunbabys might work all the way through. That would be awesome!
 I think it would be infinitely easier to get Jay to climb on the cloth diapering bandwagon with pockets as opposed to blowing his mind with prefold techniques ;P He doesn't like extra steps.

I've still got alot of research to do before dropping any money though.

Links I Liked - Sunbaby Diapers website - CD Detergent Chart (bookmark!) - Tells you how much you'll save with CDing! I intend to show this to Jay as well heh.

And I like this video - Youtube video on Sunbabys

I was going to try to buy one of those sprayers that attach to the toilet, but after watching this video I don't think that will be at all necessary. I never even thought of using my detachable shower head to spray diapers with... and we wouldn't even need a bucket since our shower is so close to the toilet. Just grab the shower head and blast the booboo right into the toilet. Sweet.


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