Swag Bucks is Love

I signed up for SwagBucks a year or so ago, but never really gave it much of a try. I earned a few bucks here and there by searching the web with their toolbar, but other than that - nothing. Well, my sister and mom had seen where I had my SwagBucks account attached to my Facebook account and signed up. Now all I hear about is how they're using the Amazon gift card codes they got through SB to get free stuff!

The past few days, I've been playing around on the site more frequently. I did some surveys, completed some tasks, and have been using their search engine for all my surfing. I officially earned my first reward: a $5 Amazon Gift Card code ;) Too proud! Now that I see that it does actually pay out, I'm addicted. It only take 450 SB to get the gift card too, so it's not like it's some unreachable goal. How fun.

If you wanna join too, go ahead and clicky clicky right here. It's worth it even if all you do is use their search bar for all your web surfing. Get rewards for something I'm going to do anyway? Yes please.


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