Team Green

The ultrasound went pretty well I suppose. The Bean is measuring a bit small - a little over 26 weeks and 2lbs. The tech still couldn't tell The Bean's gender. He had his legs closed tight with a hand in between. I was a little disappointed at first, but after thinking about it a while I'm surprised to find out I'm kind of excited about having to wait. Like something extra to look forward to :) And at least we got to see his perfect little face.

I was hoping to be able to sort through either Annelise's old clothes for newborn stuff or through my mom's old boy newborn stuff, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait on the gender specifics. Other than clothing though, everything else we need (and most of the things we already have) are neutral. She and I did go through her storage anyway looking for neutral newborn outfits, and we actually found a few things. I'll just have to go back through again once the baby is born.

My mom also found a cute infant car seat she forgot she had that we can use! That will help out with our tight budget so much!


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