I'm thinking of switching back over to my old Livejournal account. I like Blogger, but I like the community feeling of LJ better. I like the group journals too. I'm still deciding.

My 32 week appointment was today. For the first time in weeks, I was told everything looks good! Thank God... My blood pressure wasn't down, but it was stable and the nurse told me if I can keep it around there then we should be fine. So crossing my fingers we can stay put with that.

Still no protein in my urine and my blood sample she took was good. My doctor also told me the ultrasound they did last week looked good and The Bean appeared to be healthy. He may be small, but he's strong :) I tried to go for my weekly NST, but they didn't have any rooms available in L&D at the hospital so I'm gonna go back tomorrow.

Referring to the bump shot: I just realized I wear these lounge pants WAY too often lol


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