31 wk Appointment - More P.I.H....

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension... why must you plague both of my pregnancies?

I had my 31 week OB appointment this morning, and my blood pressure was up to 148/90. It's crept up again in just a week. Still no protein in my urine, thank God. My doctor ordered a third ultrasound for tomorrow afternoon to get some detailed measurements on The Bean. I'll have my weekly NST after that I suppose.

I'm thankful they're doing another ultrasound. I think actually seeing The Bean doing belly aerobics will make me feel better than just hearing him move around on the NST monitors. I keeping hoping that we'll find out the Level II ultrasound was off and he measures up perfectly tomorrow... If nothing else, maybe they'll be able to find out his gender... Trying to see some sort of silver lining in all this.

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